Picking Up Where The NESHL Left Off!
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Valley Hockey

The largest Hockey League Operator and Rink Operator in New England!!

VHL, NEHL, E9, BHL, VMSHL, CPC, TSMHL, Hockey Town Men’s Leagues, E9 Prep, E9 Girls League, HT over 50, HT over 60

1,300 Teams and over 20,000 Players

Owner & Operator of 7 Rinks

Same Rinks.... Same Times.... Seamless Transition!!


With NESHL closing operations across the state the Valley Rinks, Valley League, Hockeytown Mens league will be taking over operation of the North of Boston divisions. Valley Associates and Valley Rinks has 35 years experience managing rinks and hockey leagues ranging in size from 10 teams to 800 teams, with a dedicated full time staff of 30+ people to manage day to day operations, schedules, officials, websites, standings, statistics & customer relations.